First Word November 2021


FIRST WORD from The Revd. Canon Stuart Nairn Office 01760 338562 So long, Farewell, Auf wiedersehen, Goodbye: words from the von Trapp family in their parting song in the film ‘The Sound of Music.’ As I prepare to take my leave of you all there is still much to do that my successor when appointed will have to pick up and work with alongside you all. Jesus recognised that the work of the gospel had to go on as he sent the disciples out, after his death and resurrection, to continue God’s work. After 33 years at Narborough, Narford and Pentney and 24 years of caring for the Acres and encouraging you all to grow together and become as one in your ministry to these villages this will be my Last First Word as Rector of the Nar Valley Group as I move to retirement. Retirement itself feels like Betrayal – you lose your office, your position, your status, your purpose – you feel abandoned and it feels as if you are abandoning those you have served. The people of these parishes that I have met and journeyed with have in a very real sense become as part of our extended family. We shall continue to hold you each in prayer for we have laughed and we have wept together – we have danced and we have loved together. We have witnessed to the God of love who stands in the midst of our joys and sorrows. There are too many people to thank individually who have sustained us in our moments of weakness and pain. Simply to you all I say THANK YOU as I also acknowledge with great thanks the support of Susan my wife, Fiona our daughter and Andrew our late son. We have journeyed together for 42 years of marriage – Susan above all knows my moments of being a ‘grumpy old man.’ Life does not stand still - remember Saint Joseph – who is there at the beginning of Christ’s life but very quickly disappears from the tradition. He becomes as one who is forgotten –as we too shall each be in 30 in 50 years time and that is right for the important thing is that the STORY / THE GOSPEL goes on – the story of God’s love for his people. May you each be blessed on life’s journey. Fr. Stuart Nairn.