First Word October 2022


For the past weeks many have stopped to reflect on the legacy of our late Queen, and with deep gratitude many have remarked how well she cared for the legacy she inherited from her father, which for over 70 years she stewarded through good times and bad, and which most agree was enriched by her reign. This month we have our gift day on October 8th, where we encourage parishioners, both those who attend church and others who kindly have supported the work of our churches to consider making a financial contribution, This is additional to our regular planned giving, and has in many years enabled us both to meet our financial obligations which ensures the provision of ministry going forward. It also helps us to be able to help some of our parishes who do not find it easy to raise their own given share of the costs. We call this stewardship too, and it is our attempt to treat with care and responsibility the rich legacy we have been given. I know these are very difficulty times, but if you are able to support the work of your local parish church we would be deeply grateful for your help. We have gratefully raised our full obligations for many years now with the help largely of this gift day. Even more important in this period of vacancy where the new appointment is guaranteed as full-times because we have been such good stewards of our resources' in the past.