First Word November 2022


As the season changes and the days shorten our minds naturally turn to a more reflective mood. This is the season for Remembrance and in the Church for the keeping of All Saints and All Souls. As we approach Remembrance this year there is war in Europe. Ukraine has been suffering and defending itself from an unprovoked attack for the past year, and the loss and suffering has been appalling. More widely the world is as dangerous a place as it has ever been. Despite people imagining the Royal British Legion is full of old people who are obsessed with World War 2, nothing could be further from the truth. The Legion does amazing work with all those who have fought in the many conflicts of the past 70 years, and many of our veterans are from conflicts from the past 25 years. War isn’t just an historical fact it is a present day reality, and so alongside honouring and remembering the fallen, we pray for peace, for a growth in understanding among people and nations, and an end to this suffering, and work practically to help those who need it. All Saints and All Souls mark the moment when the church remembers with gratitude those who have gone before us, whose example and memory we treasure and honour. At All Saints these are often people we may never have known, but who have left a huge legacy, at All souls they are those we have known and loved. We give thanks for those who have gone before us, and we pray for them as we trust they continue to pray for us. This time of reflection and remembrance is valuable and worthy of our efforts, we hope all will take the time to mark these moments in their own way this year. Fr Richard Padre to the RBL: Castle Acre Branch