First Word May 2023


As is often the case Easter brought with it some uplifting weather which brought the kind of hope for things to come that Easter speaks of. As a group we had a very uplifting Holy Week and Easter, with much to be grateful for. With confirmation of the purchase of the new rectory in Narborough positive signs for the way forward to finding a new Rector to lead us into the next period. I personally give thanks for the extraordinary efforts of our wardens, sacristans and all those who beautify our churches, bringing the joy of music to our worship and in so many ways give of their love and time. This Lent and Easter I have dwelt on the idea that God sent His son not to condemn the world, but that through Him we might have life. Throughout the often traumatic events of Holy Week we see Jesus’s response is never to blame or accuse, but to offer forgiveness and love where there is failure and hate and to take even those who denied or deserted Him and make them the foundations on which He built the emerging church. Hope for us all that beyond the sadness and trials of life there is always hope of change, always the promise that love and kindness will triumph. Fr Richard