First Word October 2023


As we approach autumn once again I am reminded it is now getting on for two years since Fr Stuart retired, and for that time the parishes of the Nar Valley have been trying hard to keep the flame alive, and to the best of our ability provide continuity with services, weddings, baptisms and funerals. It has been a wonderful effort by many people, all volunteers, who have given of their time and effort generously,. Importantly during this time as we prepare to advertise and hopefully appoint a new Rector we have managed to continue to pay our Parish share in full. This is important not only as it supports the work of the diocese as a whole, but also means that we can prove that we both need and can support a full-time parish priest in this group – not something to be taken lightly. I have come to understand how many people in the villages who may not necessarily come to services nonetheless value the presence of the church in our community, and help in many ways to keep them going. Each year we have a gift day which is very important as a much needed additional source of income to that which is regularly given by others. This additional 10% is often the difference between us making ends meet and not. So for once I would like to ask everyone to consider supporting this gift day, so that we can be in the strongest position as we come to welcome a new Rector. Details of how to do this can be found in the magazine, or alternatively I would be happy to help. We often speak these days of the need to “save the parish”, and if you also value the life of the parishes we are blessed to live in then I hope you might feel able to help. Fr Richard