First Word March 2024


It seems very soon in the year to be writing of Easter, but as hot cross buns have been on sale since Boxing Day, perhaps not! As we entered Lent the children of Castle Acre school presented their service on Candlemass, when they focused on the importance of being aware that we carry within ourselves from our baptism the light of Christ, and our duty is to protect it and let it e seen by others in dark moments and dark places. On Easter morning we light the Paschal Candle from a fresh fire to symbolize the reality of Jesus, the light of the world rising in glory from the grave, and recall that the light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot even comprehend it. As we look around this year the news and events in the world show just how much we need to hold on to the belief in the triumph of light over the dark, and how we need to be those that enable that light to shine more brightly. In our own ways we can bring peace to troubled moments, calm to times of trial, and hope to times of despair, reminding us that the darkness cannot and must not win. I wish you all a very blessed Easter and pray that we will indeed soon see brighter days. Fr Richard