First Word May 2024


Fifty days after Easter comes Pentecost, which in old money used to be all Whit Sunday. The Church celebrates its birthday at Pentecost when those who had followed Jesus – disciples, became those who led the church – Apostles. In a scene of high drama, these very ordinary men were given the gift of speaking many languages, so much so those present thought they were drunk. Flames appeared to land on their heads – giving rise to the Mitres worn by bishops to this day. I take from this story that imposter syndrome is no new thing, many of us are called to take on things we feel beyond us, willingly or not, and yet more often than not we cope and surprise ourselves. The burdens of leadership are many, and as we look around the world we can see the need for wise and compassionate leadership. I pray that this story might inspire the leaders we need, not always the ones we get. Fr Richard