First Word - February


Christmas is over – the 40 days of the Christmas season end with Mary and Joseph coming to the temple to give thanks for the birth of Jesus on the Feast of Candlemass which we celebrate at Narborough in the morning service on 3 February. Now we prepare to turn our hearts and minds to walking the Way of the Cross to Jerusalem during the season of Lent which begins on Ash Wednesday on 6 March and the 40 days that follow. Lent is traditionally a time of pausing and reflecting on where we are; who we are and what our hopes are. In the political world in the UK, at least, such pondering has been going on for some time over our future relationship with Europe and our trade with the rest of the world. American politicians are reflecting on the impasse between the Senate and the President. Whilst in the Middle East many wonder whether peace can ever come to that part of the world. Thus in this coming season of Lent we hope to encourage more to reflect with us on the meaning of our faith and instead of a series of Study Groups attended by a few we are presenting a series of themed sermons as we look forward to the Cross and Easter Day. Lent 1 – Being put to the test – what is it we believe? Luke 4 v 1-13 Lent 2 –The God who promises–our destiny. Philippians 3 v17 – 4v1 Lent 3 The Suffering Church - Luke 13 v 1-9 Lent 4 -Mothering Sunday–the Caring Church–Luke 15 v1-3, 11b -32 Lent 5 Passion Sunday – Preparing for Death – John 12 v1-8 Palm Sunday – The One who walks with us – Philippians 2 v 5-11 Easter Day – A living Church – sent out as witnesses - John 20 v 1-18 You are invited to walk with us as we reflect together. Fr. Stuart Nairn