First Word Septmeber


FIRST WORD from Canon Stuart Nairn Office 01760 338562 Caring for God’s Creation With disappearing glaciers in Iceland, melting icebergs raising sea levels and threatening low lying islands in the oceans, increasing images of flooding in this country and around the world, the campaigning of David Attenborough and the teenager from Sweden Greta Thunberg one can hardly remain blind to the effects of changing climatic seasons and the need for humanity to wake up to how it integrates with the givenness of creation. As we begin our season of Harvest Thanksgivings there is, I would suggest, a need for all of us to awaken to the need to live more simple lives in greater tune with the environment so that our grandchildren and great grandchildren can continue to thrive and the world community address the need to fairly share the resources of the world. The farming community faces challenges not only from the changing effects of the seasons and new weather patterns but also the challenges that are fast approaching with the question of our future relationship with Europe and whether there will be a deal or no deal with our European neighbours. The world we inhabit is changing both politically, economically and climatically and we need to -re-adjust the way we use the gifts of creation for they are a finite resource. We can play our part in this as ordinary individuals by recognising the importance of re-cycling as much as we can so as to lessen the amount being thrown away to land fill and re-using as much as we can in new and innovative ways. Choosing our travel choices wisely to cut down on air pollution and impact; thinking about how we use the various energy resources to power our 21st century – the power blackout a couple of weeks ago was a sharp reminder to us about the fine balance of our modern way of living. It is about living with a sense of wise and generous thankfulness for all that we have and ensuring future generations can enjoy it as well. So come to a Harvest Thanksgiving service and acknowledge your gratefulness for all the good gifts around us. Fr. Stuart Nairn