First Word April 2020


HOPE in a confused world I write this on the day before we enter into Holy Week and our following of our Lord on his journey to the cross and beyond to Easter Day and the message of Hope that is offered on that day. Hope is a gift the world needs at this time. The hope that the Coronavirus can be overcome; that a vaccine can be developed to curtail its spreading contempt for human life. Hope that the Medical Staff around the world can stay safe and rise to the challenge of caring for those entrusted to their care and that we can support the vulnerable around us and those whose opportunities to visit their sick family and friends or to grieve properly for those who have died is denied. Palm Sunday is the beginning of our journey in this week – no imperial procession of power or military strength but a popular welcome of Hope that things might change for the good as Jesus enters Jerusalem. On Maundy Thursday, this year, as we gather around our own meal tables let us remember the Last Supper our Lord shares with his disciples and think on those who have shared their last meal with those who have died. Good Friday and the cross speak of the starkness and brutality of these times as it has spoken in each generation of the cruelty that invades humanity when we fail to listen to each other. As the stone is rolled away from the tomb let us pray that our churches can soon be re-opened for prayer. Easter Eve will drive us back to the wilderness time as we contemplate our Lord’s lying in the grave and we recall those who we have let go through death into the arms of God. Easter Day brings the promise of new life as indeed the Spring of Creation reminds us that death shall not have the last word. We do not underestimate the pain that many across the world go through at this time and Easter Day should not offer a false hope or cheap Grace but rather the knowledge that we do not walk this pathway alone for God in his Son Jesus Christ walks it with us. Alleluia, Christ is Risen.! Fr. Stuart Nairn