Coronavirus Update


Following instruction from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York all public services are suspended with the exception of funerals which are either conducted as a graveside funeral in the churchyards or else at the Crematorium. The churches are also locked to avoid any cross infection and the clergy are banned from going to say their Offices in church. We regret this total lockdown of the church's public ministry. We have also been advised it is not safe for us to ask people to deliver the Nar Valley News which is therefore currently suspended but hopes to return before too long. We have opened a Facebook page - Nar Valley Group of Parishes as another way of communicating with everyone. Finally Fr. Stuart is offering the morning office in the Rectory at 9am each morning and mass on a Sunday morning at that hour. Please join us in prayer in your homes at that hour and share in a spiritual communion with us on a Sunday morning. May God bless us in all our endeavours to maintain his ministry to the world and our neighbours. Fr. Stuart