First Word - October 2020


ANNUAL GIFT DAY - 2020 The Impact of the COVID 19 Pandemic When the year 2020 began few people had little idea of how much our lives and their daily routine would be changed. One of the few things we can say with some certainty is that whatever normality we end up with it will be very different from the normality we have known over many years. As we go into the Autumn there is a growing concern that we may well face another increase in the incidence of Covid 19 outbreaks and the consequent anguish for families and loved ones. We all need to do our best to be aware of each other and respect each other which is why I have included in this issue a copy of how we are trying to create a safe environment for people to come to church. The last months have been challenging in many ways – including financially. Our income as a Group of churches is greatly reduced not least because of the absence of public worship for four months but also because most weddings have been postponed until next year and a number of funerals have gone directly to the crematorium. However, as we know from our homes the bills still need to be paid. We are conscious that there will be people in our communities who have lost or are facing the loss of their jobs; others however may well find they have saved money over these months. As a Group of churches – we are predicting a probable reduction in income of some £ 20,000 and the possible reduction in clergy time and the closure of some of our churches if we cannot turn the finances around. This year more than any other we appeal to your generosity in helping us to meet these shortfalls. Not all will be able to give but all can pray that we can meet this challenge. For those of us who can give we invite your generosity to help us meet the commitments of being your church. Please return your gift in the enclosed envelope by sending it to either the Church Office or to The Rectory or bring it along to church on Saturday 10 October between 10am and 12 noon or to a service on Sunday 11 October. Stuart Nairn