November 2019

Date Organisation/Service Time Location
25/11/2019 Prayer Group 2.15pm Nar Valley Group
30/11/2019 St Andrew the Apostle 10am Castle Acre

December 2019

Date Organisation/Service Time Location
02/12/2019 Narborough Parish Council 7.30pm Church Centre
09/12/2019 Prayer Group 2.15pm Nar Valley Group
11/12/2019 Diocesan Advisory Committee 10am to 12.30am Little Abbey Farm
15/12/2019 Christingle 4pm Castle Acre
18/12/2019 Carol Service 7pm West Acre
22/12/2019 Carol Service 6pm Narborough
24/12/2019 Christmas Eve Midnight Service 11.30pm Narborough
24/12/2019 Carol Service 5.30pm Newton
24/12/2019 Christingle 4pm Pentney
25/12/2019 Christmas Day 10.15am Castle Acre
26/12/2019 St Stephen, Deacon & First Martyr 10am South Acre
27/12/2019 St John Apostle & Evangelist 10am Pentney
28/12/2019 Holy Innocents Day 10am Newton
29/12/2019 Group Service 10.15am Pentney

January 2020

Date Organisation/Service Time Location
01/01/2020 Naming of Jesus 10am Narborough


Days of obligation are marked in red – these are days when the Anglican Church looks to each of its members to attend communion. In an environment which increasingly challenges the freedom of the Church it is important that we witness to the significant moments of our faith through the year.

Group Services are marked in blue. It is hoped everyone from each of our parishes will make the journey to the Group Services - to witness to the importance of our co-operating and working together for the good of God’s Kingdom in this Valley. It is in working and worshipping together that we add strength to each of our ministries.