March 2018

Date Organisation/Service Time Location
21/03/2018 Newton & Castle Acre ACM and PCC 4pm Tower Room
22/03/2018 Lent Lunch 12noon Narborough
25/03/2018 Palm Sunday 10.15am Narborough
26/03/2018 Monday of Holy Week 7.30pm Castle Acre
27/03/2018 Tuesday of Holy Week 7.30pm Newton
28/03/2018 Wednesday of Holy Week 7.30pm South Acre
29/03/2018 Maundy Thursday - Mass of the Last Supper- Stripping of the altar and vigil until 10pm 7.30pm Narborough
30/03/2018 Good Friday - Holy Hour 2pm Pentney
31/03/2018 Easter Eve Vigil 8pm Castle Acre

April 2018

Date Organisation/Service Time Location
09/04/2018 Annunciation of the Lord to BVM 10am Castle Acre
14/04/2018 Wedding 11am Narborough
18/04/2018 Deanery Standing committee 6pm Church Centre
23/04/2018 St George Martyr, Patron Saint of England 10am South Acre
25/04/2018 St Mark the Evangelist 9.30am Narborough
26/04/2018 Castle Acre ACM 7pm Castle Acre
29/04/2018 Group Eucharist 10.15am Pentney

May 2018

Date Organisation/Service Time Location
10/05/2018 Ascension day 7.30pm Castle Acre
11/05/2018 Wedding 1.30pm Pentney
15/05/2018 School Governors - Sporle School 6pm Other
16/05/2018 Deanery Synod 7pm for 7.30pm Other
17/05/2018 Pentney Village Hall Trustees 2.30pm Pentney
20/05/2018 Pentecost 10.15am Narborough
31/05/2018 Corpus Christi 7.30pm Castle Acre

June 2018

Date Organisation/Service Time Location
02/06/2018 West Acre PCC 4pm Estate Office
09/06/2018 Wedding 1pm Castle Acre
14/06/2018 Churchwardens' Visitation Other
20/06/2018 Edward the Confessor 9.30am Narborough
29/06/2018 St Peter & St Paul Apostles 10am Castle Acre
30/06/2018 Wedding 2pm West Acre

July 2018

Date Organisation/Service Time Location
03/07/2018 St Thomas the Apostle 10am Narborough
07/07/2018 Wedding 12noon Narborough
07/07/2018 Wedding 2.30pm West Acre
22/07/2018 St Mary Magdalene 10.15am Pentney
25/07/2018 St James the Apostle 7.30pm Castle Acre
28/07/2018 Renewal of Wedding Vows 2pm Castle Acre

August 2018

Date Organisation/Service Time Location
03/08/2018 Lent Lunch 12noon Little Abbey Farm
05/08/2018 Transfiguration of our Lord 10am Narborough
15/08/2018 The Blessed Virgin Mary 9.30am Narborough
24/08/2018 St Bartholomew the apostle 10am Castle Acre
26/08/2018 Wedding 1.30pm Castle Acre
29/08/2018 Beheading of John the Baptist 9.30am Narborough

September 2018

Date Organisation/Service Time Location
01/09/2018 Wedding 1pm Castle Acre
05/09/2018 Deanery Standing Committee 6pm Other
08/09/2018 Wedding 1pm Narborough
14/09/2018 Holy Cross Day 10am Castle Acre
21/09/2018 St Matthew Apostle & Evangelist 10am Castle Acre
21/09/2018 Visit to Birkenes Other
22/09/2018 Visit to Birkenes Other
23/09/2018 Visit to Birkenes Other
29/09/2018 St Michael and All Saints 10am Castle Acre
30/09/2018 Group Eucharist 10.15am Castle Acre

October 2018

Date Organisation/Service Time Location
02/10/2018 Lay Leaders 9am Community Centre
05/10/2018 Ascension Day 7.30pm Castle Acre
06/10/2018 Wedding 2.30pm Narborough
17/10/2018 Deanery Synod 7pm for 7.30pm Other
17/10/2018 Deanery Synod 7.30pm Other
18/10/2018 St Luke the Evangelist 10am Castle Acre

November 2018

Date Organisation/Service Time Location
01/11/2018 Rural Dean's Meeting Other
03/11/2018 Arch Deacon's Retirement Service 3.30pm Other
07/11/2018 Benedict, Abbot 9.30am Narborough
07/11/2018 Pentney Chariry 7.30pm Pentney
30/11/2018 St Andrew the Apostle 10am Castle Acre

December 2018

Date Organisation/Service Time Location
06/12/2018 St Nicholas 10am Castle Acre
09/12/2018 Carols 6pm South Acre
16/12/2018 Christingle 4pm Castle Acre
19/12/2018 Carols 7pm West Acre
23/12/2018 Carols 6pm Narborough
23/12/2018 Group Eucharist 10.15am Castle Acre
24/12/2018 Midnight Mass of the Nativity 11.30pm Castle Acre
24/12/2018 Christingle 4pm Pentney
25/12/2018 Christmas Day 9am West Acre
25/12/2018 Christmas Day 10am Narborough
26/12/2018 St Stephen, Deacon & First Martyr 10am Narborough
27/12/2018 St John Apostle & Evangelist 10am South Acre
28/12/2018 Holy Innocents Day 10am Pentney
29/12/2018 St Thomas Becket 10am West Acre
30/12/2018 Group Eucharist 10.15am Pentney

January 2019

Date Organisation/Service Time Location
01/01/2019 Naming of Jesus 10am Narborough


Days of obligation are marked in red – these are days when the Anglican Church looks to each of its members to attend communion. In an environment which increasingly challenges the freedom of the Church it is important that we witness to the significant moments of our faith through the year.

Group Services are marked in blue. It is hoped everyone from each of our parishes will make the journey to the Group Services - to witness to the importance of our co-operating and working together for the good of God’s Kingdom in this Valley. It is in working and worshipping together that we add strength to each of our ministries.