Funding Restoration at Castle Acre


We are currently seeking to address urgent and essential Health and Safety work to the internal accesses of the tower to allow ongoing maintenance. These works are expected to exceed 130,000 at the present estimate. The Friends of Castle Acre have committed some 70,000 to this work and we have received grants of 5000 from Garfield Weston and 2000 from the Paul Bassham Charitable Foundation, 5,000 from the Idlewild Trust, 5,000 from the Norfolk Churches Trust, 5,000 from the Wolfson Fund, 3,500 from the Music Country Churches Charity, 2,300 from the Allchurches Trust, 1500 from the Alan Evans Memorial Trust and 500 from the Jill Franklin Trust We are anxious to bring this project a successful conclusion so If you would like to support the work to maintain this fine building then donations may be sent to the treasurer Mr.Martin Webster, Woodford Lodge, Tittleshall, Norfolk. Cheques should be made payable to Castle Acre Restoration Fund.Thank you Last updated 21 December 2016