Narborough C OF E Primary Academy April News


NARBOROUGH C of E PRIMARY SCHOOL ACADEMY As we think about Easter, we are reflecting on the message that the story of Jesusí resurrection has for us in our everyday lives. During a time when to be kind is used to remind us of the importance to appreciate one anotherís uniqueness, across the school our children have been extra vigilant to promote acts of kindness within our community. We were delighted with the support for our Sport Relief afternoon, thank you to our parents who came along and involved themselves in the activities Foxes Class had designed to test our sporting skills! We all had a lovely afternoon celebrating with our school community. During the last weeks of Spring term our children have explored their understandings in varied and exciting ways. In Hedgehog class the children have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of some frogspawn to observe as part of their science learning! Everyone is very excited to see the transformation happening and looking forward to the eventual introduction of the baby frogs to our school wildlife pond. Squirrel Class have immersed themselves in their Africa topic and combined this with developing their speaking and listening skills through a study of wildlife video clips to be able to deliver their own narration to accompany meerkat footage. The children have worked in pairs to improve their descriptive vocabulary whilst expanding their knowledge of African wildlife. We cannot wait to watch their final pieces Ö maybe the next David Attenborough will be discovered! Badger Class had a fantastic time visiting Norwich Castle museum, using the experience to develop their history skills whilst grappling with the significance of Roman invasion on the everyday lives of the Britons. ďIf I was a member of the Iceni tribe I would definitely not want the Romans to tell me what to do even if I did have a dirty house Ö and I would not let them take my gold!Ē (Daniel Y3) ďItís difficult to decide because the money they collected in taxes did help to improve parts of life, like building aqueducts and roads Ö Iíve never been along Peddars Way, but now I will go and I will know why it was important Ö I think itís amazing that the Romans built it 2000 years ago!Ē (Joshua Y4). Foxes Class have been very busy too with their classroom learning AND organising whole school lunchtime activities now the weather is beginning to improve! Itís lovely to see all our children playing together with Foxes taking the lead in promoting our school values. ď[Foxes] are really good at the lunch clubs Ö itís fun!Ē (Adrienne Y1). Finally, our first FONS bingo of 2020 raised the fantastic amount of £257, all of which goes towards providing our children with educational experiences to enrich the school curriculum. We thank everyone for making time to support us with these fundraising events. Please visit our school website to keep up to date with all the activities our children are involved in: or you can now follow us on twitter too!