Churches open for Prayer


Welcome to the Churches of the Nar Valley Group to those who have come to offer prayer. Some simple guidelines, in accordance with government regulations, on using the Church Building during this period of the Coronavirus Outbreak. •If you suspect you have any of the symptoms of Covid 19 then you are encouraged, for the sake of yourself and others to Stay Safe and Stay at Home. •If you have a hand sanitiser with you please use it on your hands before entering. If not there is one provided for your use. •As you move around the building please maintain a proper Social Distancing of 2 metres (6 feet). •Please only sit in those pews that have not been shut off by signage and hazard tape. •If you pick up a piece of literature then please take it away with you to avoid transmission of the virus. •Please use the prayers provided on the prayer kneeler and pray also for those who live and worship in this place The Churchwardens 31/01/2022 Our churches are open for prayer each day. For further details contact the Church Office on 01760 338562.