The Retirement of Canon Stuart Nairn


RETIREMENT - Canon Stuart R Nairn - retired from full time Parish Ministry on Sunday 28 November 2021. Having reached 70 years of age – he is required by church law to retire. He has served over 40 years in the ordained ministry in the Diocese of Norwich. The Nar Valley Benefice has greatly appreciated his work amongst the parishes and people of these communities - (and beyond), and greatly supported by Susan his wife. To acknowledge their work in the Benefice we would like to give a gift. With this magazine you will find an Envelope (C6) clearly printed “Retirement Gift”. Simply place your support in this envelope, seal and return to a member of the church or hand to a Churchwarden or at a service. These will be collected and banked to provide a worthy gift after all these years. Many in the community may feel they wish to be part of this gift so we are giving all that opportunity to be become involved if they so wish. Cheques - please make payable to “Castle Acre Parochial Church Council” and on the reverse write “Retirement Gift”. Alternatively gifts can be sent by BACS – Castleacre PCC account, sort code 20-28-20 and account number 50239151 and marked retirement gift. This account will be the holding account for these gifts. The deadline for these gifts is 31st August 2021. Thank you. More information will appear later in the summer regarding events, dates and times etc. David Bowman – on behalf the Churchwardens of the Nar Valley Benefice.