First Word June 2024


The Church as just celebrated Pentecost [what was once called Whit Sunday], the birthday of the church when those who had followed Jesus became those who would lead the earliest church forward into the future. I am sure they must have been daunted by the task, and wondered how they would cope – after all they were mostly very ordinary men more used to fishing and country life than the task which faced them. The story of Pentecost is that God sent the Holy Spirit, the comforter, to give them all that they needed, and His promise turned out to be sufficient. We will have a new rector here who will be licensed on the 31st July, The Rev’d Angel Hammett, who together with her husband Chris will take on the ministry of our group and lead us forward in the coming years. As we pray for them as they prepare to move house to live in Narborough, we pray that the Holy Spirit will give them both all that they will need for the challenges and opportunities of the coming months and years. It is my hope and prayer that they receive a warm and enthusiastic welcome, and I hope that very soon you will all get a chance to meet them both and extend that welcome and support personally. Personally I look forward very much to continuing my own ministry here, supporting her as I did Stuart in the past. It has been a privilege to have been here now for almost 10 years, and I look forward very much to the times ahead. Fr Richard